A Photography Workshop Wholesale Company

We work in collaboration with instructors, schools and clubs to offer INSPIRING EDUCATIONAL workshops in some of the most photogenic destinations on the planeT.


tailor-made workshops

Workshops are tailor-made and built on the foundation of an individual teaching style and specialization.

inspiring destinations

Pairing teaching specialty with the appropriate destination provides each workshop with the perfect backdrop to merge learning with environment to create compelling and memorable images.  Our workshops allow time to provide in-depth, hands-on instruction, talks on technique, photo exploration and critique. They also take advantage of best light, provide behind the scenes access and feature indigenous locales that capture the essence of the destination. 




Our passion for photography coupled with our extensive global travel network and direct buying has positioned 360 as a leader in photo travel education into the farthest corners of the world. 

PhotoQuest360 offers programs to the most sought-after destinations worldwide... we operate in over 100 countries across seven continents.  

Our travel suppliers are on-site and hand selected for their dedication to sustainable travel, access to authentic local experiences, high service levels and choice accommodations.

limitless possibilities

When it comes to discovering the world through the lens... possibilities are only limited to your imagination.