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Mary Marks is a US-based photographer specializing in travel, abstract and fine-art photography.  She has traveled and photographed in over 55 countries across seven continents.

Mary embraced photography decades ago as a creative outlet to her fun yet demanding job as a wholesale travel buyer. It was during this time Mary envisioned founding a company that paired travel with photography workshops. And after years of contemplation, visualization and preparation, PhotoQuest360 came into being. 

Mary’s recognized by her peers in both the travel and photography industries for her enthusiastic, down to earth approach and her ability to connect on an intimate level with people from a wide variety of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Mary Marks

Mary Marks



Over the last 20 years we've built a preferred network of on-site suppliers that have been hand-selected for their commitment to excellence, drive for innovation and logistical expertise. 


PhotoQuest360 and our global travel partners are wholly committed to support sustainable tourism, as defined by UNESCO, “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment.” 

Our aim is to provide inspiring and educational workshop experiences that benefit both traveler and the host country and people we visit. We believe passionately that sustainable tourism offers the best hope for protecting endangered places and ensuring that local communities benefit from their natural heritage. 

Please check our blog for updates and news regarding the organizations we support.