Iceland…on your bucket list?

Closer than you think, Iceland is a country of extreme geological contrasts. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Long summer days with near 24-hours of sunshine are offset by short winter days with only a few hours of daylight.  Perhaps this little video will entICE you!

Love the Earth

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, committed to the prevention of the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, and creating awareness of how our food choices affect the world around us.  This is one organization we love to support, both directly; thru donations, membership, local participation, and indirectly; thru responsible consumerism and building awareness. To find out more, view the video.. get involved, spread the word! 

A New Kind Of Conservation

"In partnership with philanthropists, companies, foundations and governments who dedicate serious financial strength, we have the power to build a future where people and nature thrive together.  But only if we create a new vision for our planet—and take care of nature so nature can take care of us."  ~ The Nature Conservancy

Deepen your commitment to creating a hopeful future for our lands, our waters, our climate, our oceans, our cities. Visit: