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I acknowledge that I have voluntarily registered for the aforementioned travel photography workshop with PhotoQuest360 LLC.. I understand that I may travel to remote countries and areas that are inherently risky and that may include active, outdoor and other similar activities associated with foreign travel. I am prepared to assume the risks associated with this trip / tour including: forces of nature; terrorism; civil unrest; war; accidents; and transportation including land vehicles, boats, and aircraft that are not operated or maintained to standards found in North America. I also assume risks associated with altitude, illness, disease, physical exertion, and alcohol consumption, knowing that access to evacuation and/or suitable medical supplies and support may not be available. By clicking on “Accept” below,
 I agree to take full responsibility for my own actions, safety and welfare, except for unanticipated events including injury, illness, emotional trauma, or death. I also understand that I will be a member of a group and will conduct myself in a way that will not endanger the group or myself. I understand that if I fraudulently represent my self as fit for this trip, I may be removed prior to or during the trip at my own expense. I agree to these statements by Accepting below.